Getting Started with Studio Artist

Here are some links to various introductory Tips posts to help you get started using Studio Artist.  You can also search for specific topics, or use the category and tag cloud indexes to bring up posts on specific topics of interest.

Some Studio Artist video tutorials and overviews are available for viewing here.

Getting Started with Studio Artist

Paint Synthesizer Advanced Features

Time Particles

MSG Live Source Brush

Path Start Regionization

Movie Brush and Photo Mosaic Effects

Vector Drawing


Vector Output

Generating EPS Files

Generating SVG Files


Additional Features

Introduction to Layers

Working with Alpha Channels

Live Visual Performance

Movie and Image Streams

Working with Movie Layers

Supersizer and Resizing the Canvas


For Additional Help

Check out the Common Questions page

Check out the ‘Additional Resources‘ page for more information on different Studio Artist resources available to help answer your questions.