Additional Resources

Here are some links to various introductory Tips posts to help you get started using Studio Artist.  You can also search for specific topics, or use the category and tag cloud indexes to bring up posts on specific topics of interest.This page can be used as a table of contents entry point into various how to tips. Look below for the question you are trying to answer, and then click on it to go to the appropriate tip.

Studio Artist Tips Site

The first thing to do is to see if your question is answered here on the Studio Artist Tips site. You can use the search field on this web site to search for specific topics.

You can also use the Tags and Category control links on the right side of the Studio Artist Tips site to bring up specific articles associated with the specific tag or category you choose. There’s also a ‘Getting Started‘ page that can point you at different Studio Artist topics of interest.

Written Documentation

The Studio Artist User Guide pdf is a detailed reference that documents the different Studio Artist operation modes, the editable parameters associated with the different operation modes, and the menu command functionality. There’s an active link table of contents and index that you can use to navigate through the guide.

Studio Artist User Forum

If you have a question about how to do something in Studio Artist that the tutorial videos or pdf guides did not answer for you, then the Studio Artist User Forum is a great resource. You can post your question on the forum as a forum post. Synthetik Software monitors and answers questions posted on the forum, as do other Studio Artist expert users.

It’s also possible your question has already been previously answered on the Studio Artist User Forum. You can use the built in search field on the site to search for specific topics of interest.

In addition to the forum posts, the Studio Artist User Forum also contains a photo and movie gallery as well as individual user blogs. Some users post additional information with their photo or movie posts that detail how the artwork or animations were made. You can also post comments to any specific artwork or movie post asking the artist for detail how the image or animation was made.

You can also get additional technical support on the Studio Artist Forum. Studio Artist users will answer your forum post as well as our expert monitors and you can get different perspectives on your question. Also, since the forum posts provide a searchable record of discussions on different topics, the answer to your question is available for future reference for yourself and for others. You should search the forum for any posts on your topic of interest, since it’s quite possible that your question has already been answered in previous forum posts.

Video Tutorials and Feature Overviews

You can find Video Tutorials here.

Technical Support

Email technical support is available by clicking on the support tab below or in from our support page.  We are here to help you 7 days a week.