Common Questions

Here are some introductory links to the Tips and Tricks blog.  These are all How To kinds of posts.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please open a support ticket on the bottom right of the page or through our support tab.

Paint Synthesizer Beginning Questions

How to adjust the paint brush size

How to adjust the paint brush opacity

How to adjust the pen mode

How to control where automatic paint strokes are drawn

How to understand how the paint synthesizer works

How to work with a Wacom pen and tablet


Paint Synthesizer More Advanced Questions

How to work with Dual Paint operation mode

How to improve edge rendition in a painting

How to make a movie brush from a folder of images to create a photo mosaic

How to use MSG presets to customize the paint synthesizer

How to work with brush load capture

How to do vector drawing in the paint synthesizer

How to work with paint regionization

How to work with time particles


Designing Artistic Visual Effects

How to build tone in an image

How to build sketch effects using the Sketch Image Operations

How to convert an image operation effect to generate vector output


Movie Processing

How to process a movie file with a paint action sequence

How to process a movie file with an image operation effect

How to Build Movie Processing Effects- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

How to process a movie with temporal image operations

How to generate a movie with an embedded alpha channel


MSG – Modular Synthesized Graphics

How to get started using MSG

How to evolve and edit MSG presets

How to simulate the MSG Evolver ArtMapper

How to abstract a source image using MSG.

How to colorize MSG chaotic attractor effects

How to build coloring into black and white MSG presets

How to use the MSG Advanced Editor

How to build a MSG preset that zooms